Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Birthday HBC!

Good God! I have been trying to write a post about Helena's Birthday since yesterday but "blog-spot" gets all messed up if you have more than one blogger with two different emails. I couldn't get it to let me sign off. Fortunately, this is a computer I have never blogged with so I was able to log on successfully! Hip hip, Hooray!

Anyways, yesterday was a big day for me because it was the first year I have acknowledge the birthday of my idol, my inspiration, my hero, my Helena Bonham Carter. However, I wish I had gotten to do more for her birthday. Maybe celebrate with some friends or eat some cake. Instead I was working from dawn 'til dusk. And when I did finally have a chance to be with friends, instead of getting to celebrate her birthday, we played "Parcheesi" and drank lemon ginger tea. :-/

However, since my birthday is coming up in like 2 weeks and I'm planning on throwing a party, I figured I could make it an HBC party! I'm not exactly sure what she likes to "play"...Maybe we could watch a movie that she plays the star role in, as well as come to the party dressed as she would. :-) (That is fun to do!) and maybe we could do some acting games or something... Oooh, it sounds ever so delightful! The point in this slightly strayed blog is that it's Helena Bonham Carter's birthday and I hope both she and Tim did something to celebrate.

<3 JIL