Saturday, December 24, 2011

Life after Helena

Since that fateful night, I have been on cloud 9.
The female addiction I had prior to her is gone, thank you God! That has been the most wretched addiction I've ever had and I dealed with it for 6 months.
Since the HBC incident I have gone from wanting a concrete relationship to suddenly just wanting to play. It is wonderful to not seriously want anyone anymore. :)
It's like being freed has allowed good things to start manifesting everywhere.

Over the last week I have:
~Been kissed 3x by HBC's twin.
~Placed first in my age group for the 3rd 5k I've ever raced.
~Gotten the job I applied for.
~Made out with my crossfit instructor-not something I planned for or ever wanted but it was quite an unique experience.
~Ran a total of 18 miles this week. Ran more miles today at one time than I've ever done. Only 6.5miles but we all have to start somewhere right?!
~Made crossfit 5x iar this week. Only the second week to have accomplished that.
~Am at the weight I promised myself I would get to.
~Am going to hook up with a girl soon. :)

I will post more about the last thing imparticular as time allows. She is a lot like me; we are totally both super weird. We both are in love with HBC. Tim Burton movies are both on our top list of movies. She's bi-I'm gay. It should totally work out.

Like I said though, I don't want a serious relationship. I just want to play, to experience and to enjoy this fucking insane life I was given.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"The Craft"...

Tomorrow is my 20th birthday!

Holy shit, I am getting old!

Speaking of gemini's... Since Helena is one, and Nicole Kidman, and Johnny Depp and seriously all of my favorite actors and actresses. I have a couple more to add to the list... =)

I have been trying to get my hands on "The Craft", a movie from 1996. I finally posted on fb that I was looking for it and quickly got a response from one of "the gays"- A group of boys from my town that coined themselves that title. He traded his copy of "The Craft" in exchange for the movie, "Practical Magic" which I fortuantly had just attained a second copy of. We did this a few days ago and I finally got around to watching the movie tonight.

It was fantastic! Everything I thought it would be and more! It was like watching "Black Swan" from a decade ago!
And I absolutely love Fairuza Balk, she is so hot, in her own attractive way...Anyhow, as I do with most movies and/or actresses I enjoy, I try to find more information about them. There were "Talent Records", or it was called something along those lines. It showed bits and peices of information about the actresses in the film.

I looked up Fairuza Balk first. And by the way, Fairuza did an excellent job in this film! Beyond excellent! It was as though she was Nancy. A slightly alarming thought since she tends to come across a bit crazy and chaotic in the real world. I just happened to glance at her birthdate. I couldn't care less about the year and honestly, probably couldn't tell you what it was. Throwing out a guess, it may have been 1974? What actually caught my attention was the Month and number.

It said, May 21.

She couldn't be a gemini. No way! I figured she was cutting it close, but I knew that HBC's birthdate, which is few days after Fairuza was also cutting it close. So, I moved on... 

The next actress, who also caught my attention, was Robin Tunney. She was also very attractive and as I checked her "Talent Profile"...Maybe that's what it's really called. I noticed that her birthdate was June 19th. 
"I was in shock and thinking to myself, there is no fucking way that they are both gemini's." 

I decided to check. And guess what... They both just barely cut it! 

The gemini zodiac sign goes from May 21st-(Fairuza Balk's birthday) to June 20th-(One day after Robin Tunney's...) 

At that point, I was a little shaken by all the excitement of the day. The movie, being as bizarre as it was and ending with the strange coincidence that these two stunning actresses, especially Fairuza, were gemini's, I chose not to delve further into the other "talent profiles." 
I must say, Sarah and Nancy have some fucking bizarre yet enhancing chemistry going on between the two of them and I definitely want to see some more femslash montages of the two of them. Likewise, the store owner of the little wicca shop in the movie was equally just as enthralling when she was touching, caressing and holding onto Sarah... Mmmm, I plan to make a montage about the two of them. Wish the director had done more with the two of them. I left the movie and all of it's chaos behind at this point.

I did, however, do some research about my own history...

I have this tendency to fall in love with similar personalities. Recently, I have found someone I would like to get to know better. Her birthdate makes her a libra. Strikingly enough, there have been at least two other women in my past who were also born with the same zodiac, in the same month. And come to find, gemini's click well with libra's... Plus, the last two women had the same name...Irony? Coincidence? The new one has a different name, however. There have been a couple other women I have fallen hard for, both were leos... Both are also born in the same month. Fortuantly, they have different names...  

I find zodiac signs to be surprisingly and strangely accurate. Not so much fortuanes, but personality traits and compatibility...

I'm excited to see what the furture holds for me and all of the other gemini's around. Peace out fellow friends with May and June birthdays! We gemini-ens rock the house!

Famous Gemini's List-
~Nicole Kidman
~Helena Bonham Carter
~Marilyn Monroe
~Judy Garland
~Johnny Depp
~Fairuza Balk
~Robin Tunney
~Jennifer Indigo Lazyryn

(Adding more irony-Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland both died of drug overdose-accidental or not is still a mystery.) Gemini's are strong-headed, stubborn and are often known for our desire to be noticed, it seems.  

"Gemini individuals always display dual personalities. In one moment they will be happy, somber in the second and extremely nervous in the very next moment. Mercury instills adaptability, versatility inconsistency and impatience. Geminians are garrulous. They are clever individuals always in search of mental stimulation. They cannot remain interested in a single topic for to
o long and have a phobia of commitment. This sign clicks well with Leo, Libra, Aquarius and Aries." (1)

"Geminians and Librans have a gregarious nature. A Libran is highly considerate towards loved ones. This is one of the strengths of this love match. They are likely to agree on each and everything. The understanding which they share leaves no room for words between them. A Geminian will be drenched in the deep passion of a Libran. Boredom will never encroach upon the compatibility of this love match as both of them are extremely intellectual." (2)

Ok, so my planned post about the movie, "The Craft" has turned into a blog post about gemini's. Oh, well...I am often random and scatterbrained. Plus it's late and officially my birthday!

Holy fuck! I am 20 fricking years of age. =)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Birthday HBC!

Good God! I have been trying to write a post about Helena's Birthday since yesterday but "blog-spot" gets all messed up if you have more than one blogger with two different emails. I couldn't get it to let me sign off. Fortunately, this is a computer I have never blogged with so I was able to log on successfully! Hip hip, Hooray!

Anyways, yesterday was a big day for me because it was the first year I have acknowledge the birthday of my idol, my inspiration, my hero, my Helena Bonham Carter. However, I wish I had gotten to do more for her birthday. Maybe celebrate with some friends or eat some cake. Instead I was working from dawn 'til dusk. And when I did finally have a chance to be with friends, instead of getting to celebrate her birthday, we played "Parcheesi" and drank lemon ginger tea. :-/

However, since my birthday is coming up in like 2 weeks and I'm planning on throwing a party, I figured I could make it an HBC party! I'm not exactly sure what she likes to "play"...Maybe we could watch a movie that she plays the star role in, as well as come to the party dressed as she would. :-) (That is fun to do!) and maybe we could do some acting games or something... Oooh, it sounds ever so delightful! The point in this slightly strayed blog is that it's Helena Bonham Carter's birthday and I hope both she and Tim did something to celebrate.

<3 JIL

Friday, April 29, 2011

Some more royal anyone?

I know, I know. It's been all over the news for the last month or so. People all around seem to be becoming completely bored &/or annoyed with the constant media attention to the royal wedding. I had actually stayed out of it until a couple of days ago when my cousin, Justine, informed me that she was going to be getting up to watch it. The idea of spending some more time with my cousin and family to watch the event actually sounded fun. Thus plans were made and Thursday night we were both in bed by 9. I, however, remained awake with my thoughts harassing my mind until 12 or so, giving me hardley an hour of sleep. I awoke at 1 am and waited for the rest of the family to arise. Justine was up second and we both prepared coffee and warmed the hazelnut chips scones she had baked the night before. Minutes later we were in her basement, watching CNN and enjoying scones and coffee. Soon enough, Justine's sister, Lindsay and her mother, my aunt, Nancy had both joined us and were sitting awestruck watching the event unfold.

There was so much information being given that I hadn't any idea about. I must say, I was ill-informed of most of the news because I had kept my nose out of it all. I wasn't even aware that Kate (Catherine) Middleton was what Brit's call a 'commoner'. I was equally intrigued by the story of her mum's journey as an entrepreneur. Her mom, Carole, actually looks a lot like a woman I do ballet with. Everytime I kept seeing Carole on t.v., I kept thinking I knew her in person. It was so bizarre.

Here's the woman I do ballet with....                       And here's Kate's mother...
Does anyone agree that these two women seem to be eerily similar in looks? So similar they could pass as sisters...Even twins...It's creepy...

I was so awestruck by the fantastic and strange looking hats. I loved them all! My favorite had to be what I like to refer to as the "Lady Gaga look-alike". Princess Beatrice outdid herself with her bow shaped, salmon colored "hat" on the top of her head and really truly looked like Lady Gaga. Justine liked Princess Eugenie's dress. I liked the color but felt the cut was awkward...
I know this is going to sound awful but I don't know if I had ever even seen Queen Elizabeth, other than in pictures. So to see her in person brought a whole new perspective. She looked so agile. I would never have guessed that she was 85 years old! The same for her husband. He didn't look at all his age. Queen Elizabeth has such a charisma about her that her husband seems shadowed by her personality. As I watched her walk gracefully through Westminster Abbey, I realized that she is the type of woman I would want leading my country. She acts so poised, strongwilled and confident yet equally as caring and loving toward her people.

And then, when Catherine Middleton came from her Rolls Royce and walked humbly and elegantly into the Abbey, I knew, as did the whole country, that she is really something special. I think her dress equally stated that she is her own person. It wasn't overdone. She didn't try to be more flashy then Princess Diana. Instead it was just simple and beautifully done. It was a rather humbling experience to watch her walk out delicately from the vehicle. Smiling radiantly and walking toward her future husband. The whole wedding was so spectacular. I love weddings and I truly felt I was there, watching a completely historical event with the rest of the royals. I think what amazed me most was the amount of people who had come to watch. The other commoners who had come out and had been sitting or standing for hours just to watch the event on the ginormous tellies or to even just catch a glimpse of the royal party who were entering the church. It was so joyful to see everyone sitting in anticipation, cheering galantly whenever something remotely interesting was happening. When the royal family left the building and rode the chariots back toward their home it was incredible the amount of noise the public made! That type of excitement could never be seen in America, at least not without incident. News reports stated that there was not a bit of misconduct that the police had to deal with. Everyone who was there had come to celebrate. Not a bit of anger or irritation. It seems that the happiness and joy had escalated and was growing as the hours passed. No unhappy faces could be seen from the crowd of people who were milling around for hours and then standing in anticipation. It was the most amazing thing to see only joy from thousand and thousands of people. It was so rare to see such an episode unfold. I was left awestruck for the rest of the day.

 After I had seen the event and driven back to my home in the early hours, I wondered where Helena and Tim had been during the wedding and then imagined that if they had not been sleeping, they had been watching the telly together to witness the extrodianary event. Afterall, HBC is likely an "anglophile"
: a person who greatly admires or favors England and things English [1] 
  I know she's proud of her roots and thus I'd think she was intrigued by the wedding.
I am excited to say that I learned recently that I also have English roots in my blood. And I hope one day I get to also live in the United Kingdom. My home away from home.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Idols

People let me down. I idolize people I don't know personally, their personality and charisma is what defines my admiration for them... If I knew them, it might be a different story.

Helena Bonham Carter! Can't say it enough! LOVE LOVE LOVE this woman with every bit of my soul! I love her acting and the characters she plays! I love her fashion (or lack of), I love her cooky personality, her down to earth persona, her smile, her laugh, her voice, her self-confidence, her lack of fear in playing any character, I love how eccentric she is and most of all, I love that she is with Tim Burton!


Tim Burton! He is the model I want to emulate when I too will one day create movies and films! His creative works inspire me to believe I can follow my own path of art! I am in love with most of his works!

Tim Burton Pictures, Images and Photos

M. Night Shamlyn: I love Signs, The 6th Sense, The Village, Lady in the Water and other various films he's created. I'd like to also be able to create movies with as much symbolism and emotion as he has done!

Katherine Brooks! I love her story! I love that she moved to Cali with nothing in her pocket and somehow got a career started as a movie director/screenwriter. I am facsinated with her film, "Loving Annabelle." Not many people can create something like that!

Diane Gaidry: Amazing, gorgeous actress! She also is a life coach which I feel is an awesome career to pursue. She is not a mainstream actress and does films that are challenging and really grasp at her heart! Her desire for more loving and artistic films makes her someone I really admire! Love her as Simone in "Loving Annabelle."

Lady Gaga! Her's is a story to tell. Started out as an unknown artist and took action to get herself to the top. Makes all of us misfits realize that we belong somewhere.

J.K. Rowling! How many people get to follow the path she has created in her lifetime! An inspirational author who was once broke and now is a millionaire! Her name will go down in history!

Madeleine L'Engle: For making religion somewhat more understandable. Brilliant woman, even genius! Her writing has captivated audiences of all ages! And it's done in such a way, that atheists might actually choose to believe there's someone out there watching over them.

Dreya Weber! I love what she's done with her life. Started as a gymnast, went into aerialists and found a way to make it a career. Has appeared in Cher's show, movies P90X and has choreographed such performances as P!NK and Britney Spears!

Jenny Ehlers--after breaking her neck in gymnastics, came back and went to UW for college gymnastics; she always worked through pain and inspired me when I was a young gymnast.

Amy Metcalf-- an amazing gymnast who like Jenny trained at the same gym as me; she also went to UW and had a career high of 9.9 on the beam; she also got a scholarship for having a high gpa throughout college.
Have too many others to name!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Cold Warrior

A new short film is being made about a gymnast from the 1970's/80's addressing the issues of abortion and what a country's government will do to win. I have become increasingly interested in this project and have been in touch with the director, Emily Greenwood, who infact played a huge part in creating the movie 'Sweeney Todd." They are trying to reach a goal of $10,000 worth of donations to complete the film, which will be filmed in London this year. Whatever you can do to help contribute to this worthy cause would be appreciated by their team. To find more information on the project, please check out these websites:

So, that's your bit of HBC inspiration for the day.
Sorry that it's been forever since I last posted.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

HBC Day!

I have declared March 3rd, Helena Bonham Carter day! Seriously, there needs to be a holiday for that woman. So March third from here on out, I am celebrating, (and the rest of the world should follow suit), by dressing up as Helena and doing anything that honors or is related to her.

As such, I celebrated Thursday, March 3rd, with my girls. We all dressed up and worked out with our stylish hair and make up. Our outfits were pretty spiffy as well! Mine was the most bizarre and the most like HBC in comparison, but that is, afterall, because I want to be just like her! Here's what I looked like. I didn't get many pictures unfortuantly. :(

I only managed to get a picture of one of my best friend's and I, at the gym, before we had to switch out of our HBC clothes and into leos. Here we are!
I think the dress I'm wearing, looks considerably like something HBC has worn in public before!
I was told by like 3 people that I should write to her. I am very much considering it. I would love to tell her she is my idol and I look up to her. She has impressed me immensly and challenged me to step out of my comfort zone!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Newest Montages

I finally have a trial of sony vegas! YES! I have played with it a little. There's a lot I have to learn but I posted a couple of montages I've made on my youtube channel and I thought I would at least post them here.

Number 1, is, of coarse, of HBC!

Number 2, is a montage of another amazing actress, who plays some nasty villianess's as well. I love me some, Miranda Richardson!

I also rented Sweeney Todd this week, I've already watched it twice since Saturday. ;) I really need to just go out and buy that movie!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Royal Doggy

Corgi's are known for being a dog of royalty in Britain. This breed of dog even shows up in the film, The Kings Speech!

And since I love this movie and love that HBC is in this movie, and plays a significant role as a queen. I have to show off my own pooch that is also definitely full of royal blood. He is completely spoiled and very photogenic!

He is a very affectionate dog, as is the rest of his breed. He loves to play with toys that squeak or make noise. Here's a picture of his bunny, which was his favorite toy for awhile. His new favorite, (which he is working on currently), is a toy squirrel.

Although he looks like he is about to pounce on the golf ball, he is merely posing for the picture. I wouldn't let him play with a golf ball since it's small enough that he could risk swallowing it.

Definitely loves snow! His fur coat keeps him warm enough to handle being outside in cold weather without complaint. He also loves chasing and catching snowballs.
He's a happy dog in all seasons, but he wont stay outside long in the summer since as beneficial as his coat is in winter, is as detrimental as his fur is in the summer.
He is very young at heart and spoiled rotten, but I'd like to believe that he is wise beyond his years. He was born with royalty in his blood and he's well aware of it.

A Little Bit of "Toast"...

"Toast" came out in December, 2010. The screenplay was written by Lee Hall, who is best known for his movie, "Billy Elliot". Another movie I absolutely adore!

"Toast" is based off of the true story of food critic, Nigel Slater.

In the film, Helena Bonham Carter plays the housekeeper and later, the step mother of Nigel. Nigel is not fond of his new step mother and likewise, she shares the same distaste for him. Yet again, another horrible relationship I love! I also love HBC's character, she is phenomenol in every film she does!

I found this montage of "Toast", which is why I decided to make a post about the movie.

Montage 1 created by bellaLestrange1-

This particular montage I found awhile back and everytime I heard the song, it reminded me of a particular woman who was, in a sense, a Mrs. Potter in my life. It was funny the amount of times I heard the song too while she was in my life. And even though, my plan was to leave her and everything behind. Instead, she was removed from my life from another source...

Montage 2, by: Bellatrix04

I tend to love BBC films, I've noticed...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Coming soon...

Coming up...

'A little bit of 'Toast'' 
'Oscar Awards & Nominations; The laughs, tears and greatest moments of cinema!'

But first, I'm gonna get some sleep.

Be back in a bit!

Jennifer Lawrence

I just saw a glimpse of the Oscars tonight and was incredibly surprised when this girl, that had to be around my age, stated that she hadn't been on a computer in almost a year!

This girl knows who she is and why she's here on this planet.

Seeing her, reminds me that, I too, know who I am and why I'm here.

Good God! Just listen to her! Talking about the scripts she picks:"They're not stupid. A lot of scripts are stupid, especially for a young blond girl. It's very hard to find a good story, with a good character."

Couldn't agree with her more!

I know she's not HBC, but she is a brilliant actress and I think all brilliant actresses can compare to HBC in some way, shape or form...

'Oscar-nominated for the first time for her role in Winter’s Bone, this year could see her crowned Best Actress in a Leading Role. Here are 10 things you should know about the actress:

1. Jennifer Lawrence was born August 15, 1990 in Louisville, Kentucky. Her Mother Karen runs a children’s camp, and her father Gary once owned a construction firm.
2. She claims to have never taken drama or acting lessons, instead relying on instinct when playing a role.
3. Jennifer is currently filming X-Men: First Class, playing the role of shape-shifter Mystique.
4. Her first television role was for MTV, starring in My Super Sweet Sixteen, before landing a role in a Burger King commercial.
5. In between acting roles, she went on a missionary trip to the Dominican Republic, working as an assistant nurse.
6. She featured in a music video for the song ‘The Mess I Made’ by Parachute.
7. She is the only girl to be born in the Lawrence side of her family for 50 years.
8. Jennifer refuses to have a Facebook and Twitter account, calling them: “Out of the question.”
9. She is said to be dating X –Men co-star Nicholas Hoult.
10. Usually on Oscar night, Jennifer has a quiet night in with a plate of pasta.'[1]


Sweet 16.

Last night was amazing! That sentence could be taken so many ways, good or...dirty. But seriously, last night was super sweet.

Nice Restaurant with the girls; we got so many compliments on our outfits, hair, etc. & in the bathroom, of course!

The food was incredible as well! Most of us sought out pasta dishes. I, along with the birthday girl, got quatro formaggio! 4 fricking amazing cheeses!

1 hour limo ride-It was so neat! I had no idea what the inside of a limo even looked like! We entered into the spacious vehicle that would easily hold 10 of us; there were delicate looking glasses that lined one wall and everything seemed to be sparkly and shiny.

I took the back with another friend, and the two of us controlled the music and ventilation. At the same time, the two of us seemed to be the most entertainment; dancing and singing like rockstars to each other. Can you say: Viva la vida?!

And then it was back to the birthday girl's house.

Her cake was spectacular! I wish I had gotten pictures of it...What was I thinking? Well, hopefully somebody got pictures and I can put them up. It was two layers with dark colors; purple, black and white. On the very top sat a single, red stiletto. It was surrounded by black ruffles of frosting and lace. And the bottom layer of the cake bore purple, creamy frosting; and I mean creamy. It was buttercream and I have never seen anything so smooth, creamy and light!

We enjoyed a round of "Dance II". I think that's what the game for the wii is called. I am not one who finds much entertainment in video games, but this one was entertaining because I love to dance and I was burning calories from the huge dinner we had eaten!

And then, my joy of the night! Everyone wanted to see the movie I had been singing lines from. I took one of the girls to the movie rental store and we got our hands on, none other than, Sweeney Todd! Funny story too, I had gotten into my pj's but the only pair of shoes I had were my 6inch pumps.

The friend I was with was also in her pjs, a skimpy pair of shorts and a t-shirt. We were quite a couple walking into the store. No one took much notice of the two of us; even with my HBC hair still mangled on the top of my head, my ruffled jacket, my pink polka-dot pajama pants and my high heels. However, as we were buying the movie, the employee glanced at me and then at the friend and stated to her, "you must be cold."

And then we walked back out into the 23 degree weather.

The movie was delightful as usual, and I was excited most of the girls, the ones who had stayed awake long enough to watch it, liked it!

I was tired and tried to sleep, but they had put in another dvd, Easy A, which was not as bad as I expected it to be. And by the end of it, I was still fully awake and not comfortable in the chair I was on. I quietly crept out of the room and into the bedroom, where my belonging's were piled up. And there I stayed on the bed to get as much sleep as I could. It was already 4:30am.

Naturally, the girls were up by 7:30 and woke me up as well.
And as I was lying there, groggy but unable to fall back asleep, I momentarily dreaded the fact that it was already Sunday and the weekend was nearly gone but then I remembered that this year, I have been free of school and any other boring, exhausting, time-wasting task(s). There is no difference between my weekends and weekdays. I love both! My life has become one fun, fantastic vacation.

I love my job, so much that it's difficult to even call it a 'job'. Making coffees, taking care of the coffee shop and greeting and talking to customers, while simultaneously getting paid, is a very gratifying experience.

I love my sport, doing gymnastics, my other 'job'. Somedays it's more grueling and tough to get to the gym, but I know I am free to leave whenever I want and nothing, absolutely nothing, is forcing me to stay except for my own willpower, which is really a free-ing experience.
I get to stay up late everynight and wake up late every morning.

I, finally, have time to hang out with friends, old and new. I'd have to say, being with my drag-queen and gay groupies, is one of the most entertaining and exciting events I do on many occasions.

I get to experiment with new clothing, hair and makeup styles; I can delve deeper into my obsession of watching artsy films, making montages and following HBC trends.

I am living the life I have always wanted!
And I am exhausted but content with how the weekend went. :) Hopefully, I'll be able to post some more pictures of this weekend's adventures soon!

(Forgive me for the sporadic statements, improper grammar/spelling and anything else that seems to look abnormal. I've only had 3 consecutive hours of sleep...)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

HBC Hair!

My friend is having her sweet 16 tonight!
So I get to dress up!
And this is how the outfit, hair and make up turned out... :)

I'm so excited with how my hair turned out! It looks just like Helena Bonham Carter's, well I think it does anyway.

I <3 the dress, the shoes, the hair, the tights and these pics!

We all are heading out to a fancy restaurant and then sight-seeing in a limo afterward! I'm going to feel like royalty tonight!
I <3 looking like HBC!

Jennifer Indigo Lazyryn

Bad-Ass Villianess(es)

These are my top 20 favorite villainesses from various movies. Not really in any specific order. (I tried not to repeat any of the same actresses's in the top 10) Of coarse, I am basing my opinions on the attractive quality each woman portrays and character interaction.

My Top 20 Badass Villianesses

1. Bellatrix Lestrange-Helena Bonham Carter (HBC)- Harry Potter 5, 6, 7
2. White Witch, Queen of Narnia-Tilda Swinton- Narnia Chronicals
3. Marissa Coulter-Nicole Kidman-The Golden Compass
4. Lady Van Tassel-Miranda Richardson-Sleepy Hollow
5. Rachel-Elizabeth Banks-The Uninvited
6. Professor Dolores Jane Umbridge-Imelda Staunton-Harry Potter 6,7
7. The Head Witch- Anjelica Huston - The Witches
8. Mombi-Darlene Conley-Return to Oz
9. Winnifred Sanderson-Bette Midler-Hocus Pocus
10. Cruella De vil-Glenn Close-101 Dalmations
11. Queen Mab-Miranda Richardson-Merlin
12. Red Queen-HBC-Alice In Wonderland
13. Rodmilla De Ghent-Anjelica Huston-Ever After
14. Rita Skeeter-Miranda Richardson-Harry Potter 4, 7
15. Mrs. Potter- HBC-Toast
16. Step Mother-Miranda Richardson-Snow White
17. Ms. Minchin-Eleanor Bron-A Little Princess
18. Mrs. Medlock-Maggie Smith-The Secret Garden
19. Xayide-Clarissa Burt-Never Ending Story II
20. Enid-HBC-Enid

There seems to be a trend of particular actresses playing villians in movies.
Anjelica Huston comes up twice.
Miranda Richardson ties with Helena Bonham Carter, both showing up 4 times.