Monday, February 28, 2011

Royal Doggy

Corgi's are known for being a dog of royalty in Britain. This breed of dog even shows up in the film, The Kings Speech!

And since I love this movie and love that HBC is in this movie, and plays a significant role as a queen. I have to show off my own pooch that is also definitely full of royal blood. He is completely spoiled and very photogenic!

He is a very affectionate dog, as is the rest of his breed. He loves to play with toys that squeak or make noise. Here's a picture of his bunny, which was his favorite toy for awhile. His new favorite, (which he is working on currently), is a toy squirrel.

Although he looks like he is about to pounce on the golf ball, he is merely posing for the picture. I wouldn't let him play with a golf ball since it's small enough that he could risk swallowing it.

Definitely loves snow! His fur coat keeps him warm enough to handle being outside in cold weather without complaint. He also loves chasing and catching snowballs.
He's a happy dog in all seasons, but he wont stay outside long in the summer since as beneficial as his coat is in winter, is as detrimental as his fur is in the summer.
He is very young at heart and spoiled rotten, but I'd like to believe that he is wise beyond his years. He was born with royalty in his blood and he's well aware of it.

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