Monday, February 28, 2011

A Little Bit of "Toast"...

"Toast" came out in December, 2010. The screenplay was written by Lee Hall, who is best known for his movie, "Billy Elliot". Another movie I absolutely adore!

"Toast" is based off of the true story of food critic, Nigel Slater.

In the film, Helena Bonham Carter plays the housekeeper and later, the step mother of Nigel. Nigel is not fond of his new step mother and likewise, she shares the same distaste for him. Yet again, another horrible relationship I love! I also love HBC's character, she is phenomenol in every film she does!

I found this montage of "Toast", which is why I decided to make a post about the movie.

Montage 1 created by bellaLestrange1-

This particular montage I found awhile back and everytime I heard the song, it reminded me of a particular woman who was, in a sense, a Mrs. Potter in my life. It was funny the amount of times I heard the song too while she was in my life. And even though, my plan was to leave her and everything behind. Instead, she was removed from my life from another source...

Montage 2, by: Bellatrix04

I tend to love BBC films, I've noticed...

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