Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sweet 16.

Last night was amazing! That sentence could be taken so many ways, good or...dirty. But seriously, last night was super sweet.

Nice Restaurant with the girls; we got so many compliments on our outfits, hair, etc. & in the bathroom, of course!

The food was incredible as well! Most of us sought out pasta dishes. I, along with the birthday girl, got quatro formaggio! 4 fricking amazing cheeses!

1 hour limo ride-It was so neat! I had no idea what the inside of a limo even looked like! We entered into the spacious vehicle that would easily hold 10 of us; there were delicate looking glasses that lined one wall and everything seemed to be sparkly and shiny.

I took the back with another friend, and the two of us controlled the music and ventilation. At the same time, the two of us seemed to be the most entertainment; dancing and singing like rockstars to each other. Can you say: Viva la vida?!

And then it was back to the birthday girl's house.

Her cake was spectacular! I wish I had gotten pictures of it...What was I thinking? Well, hopefully somebody got pictures and I can put them up. It was two layers with dark colors; purple, black and white. On the very top sat a single, red stiletto. It was surrounded by black ruffles of frosting and lace. And the bottom layer of the cake bore purple, creamy frosting; and I mean creamy. It was buttercream and I have never seen anything so smooth, creamy and light!

We enjoyed a round of "Dance II". I think that's what the game for the wii is called. I am not one who finds much entertainment in video games, but this one was entertaining because I love to dance and I was burning calories from the huge dinner we had eaten!

And then, my joy of the night! Everyone wanted to see the movie I had been singing lines from. I took one of the girls to the movie rental store and we got our hands on, none other than, Sweeney Todd! Funny story too, I had gotten into my pj's but the only pair of shoes I had were my 6inch pumps.

The friend I was with was also in her pjs, a skimpy pair of shorts and a t-shirt. We were quite a couple walking into the store. No one took much notice of the two of us; even with my HBC hair still mangled on the top of my head, my ruffled jacket, my pink polka-dot pajama pants and my high heels. However, as we were buying the movie, the employee glanced at me and then at the friend and stated to her, "you must be cold."

And then we walked back out into the 23 degree weather.

The movie was delightful as usual, and I was excited most of the girls, the ones who had stayed awake long enough to watch it, liked it!

I was tired and tried to sleep, but they had put in another dvd, Easy A, which was not as bad as I expected it to be. And by the end of it, I was still fully awake and not comfortable in the chair I was on. I quietly crept out of the room and into the bedroom, where my belonging's were piled up. And there I stayed on the bed to get as much sleep as I could. It was already 4:30am.

Naturally, the girls were up by 7:30 and woke me up as well.
And as I was lying there, groggy but unable to fall back asleep, I momentarily dreaded the fact that it was already Sunday and the weekend was nearly gone but then I remembered that this year, I have been free of school and any other boring, exhausting, time-wasting task(s). There is no difference between my weekends and weekdays. I love both! My life has become one fun, fantastic vacation.

I love my job, so much that it's difficult to even call it a 'job'. Making coffees, taking care of the coffee shop and greeting and talking to customers, while simultaneously getting paid, is a very gratifying experience.

I love my sport, doing gymnastics, my other 'job'. Somedays it's more grueling and tough to get to the gym, but I know I am free to leave whenever I want and nothing, absolutely nothing, is forcing me to stay except for my own willpower, which is really a free-ing experience.
I get to stay up late everynight and wake up late every morning.

I, finally, have time to hang out with friends, old and new. I'd have to say, being with my drag-queen and gay groupies, is one of the most entertaining and exciting events I do on many occasions.

I get to experiment with new clothing, hair and makeup styles; I can delve deeper into my obsession of watching artsy films, making montages and following HBC trends.

I am living the life I have always wanted!
And I am exhausted but content with how the weekend went. :) Hopefully, I'll be able to post some more pictures of this weekend's adventures soon!

(Forgive me for the sporadic statements, improper grammar/spelling and anything else that seems to look abnormal. I've only had 3 consecutive hours of sleep...)

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