Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sweeney Todd Photos and JIL Comments

 Some Mrs. Nellie Lovett still shots! HBC plays a gorgeous, psychotic, human-pie maker, especially when Lovett's desired love is none other than Benjamin Barker-aka- Sweeney Todd-aka-Johnny Depp! I lovett!


 There are happier moments
in Sweeney Todd. Ok, so there's only one scene, one song, of happiness, but I seriously have to say that Sweeney Todd is my all time favorite musical, all time favorite Tim
Burton film and all time favorite movie! It's just so beautiful, emotional, sad, heartbreaking, karmatic, (that's probably not a word...) how about ironic, does that sound better?
  Mrs. Nellie Lovett, you are much too hott for your own good!
I love how funny she is in this movie. A dry sort of humor mixed in throughout. As much as she probably doesn't want to hear this, I see a lot of Mrs. Lovett in Helena's own personality.
Frighteningly sexy, quirky humor, a little bit of craziness, making her mark in the world, & unaware of critics around her... Lovett=HBC...
 The relationships built in this movie are both obsessive and destructive. I particularly love the relationship between Mrs. Lovett and Toby, but once again, it is a villainess-type character who is somewhat in control of a child.
I love the affection she displays toward him, whether motherly or possibly, predatorial. And then immediately afterward, realizing she must kill him...
Oooooo it gives me chills! I love love love love lovett!
 No matter how she is dressed, HBC looks completely fantastic! She is super gorgeous as Nellie Lovett, both personality-wise and outer beauty. You cannot deny the charisma this women portrays everywhere she goes. She is like a bright light in a dark room! This is likely why we are so drawn to her. Oh, what I would do if I could only meet her! One day... One day... One day!
Mrs. Lovett, Bellatrix, Red Queen, Mrs. Potter, Enid, Queen Elizabeth, HBC...I am completly in love with you!

Movies these Characters, played by HBC, show up in: 
Sweeney Todd, HP 5,6,7, Alice in Wonderland, Toast, Enid & The Kings Speech .

No Copyright Infringement Intended.

-Jennifer Indigo Lazyryn

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