Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bad-Ass Villianess(es)

These are my top 20 favorite villainesses from various movies. Not really in any specific order. (I tried not to repeat any of the same actresses's in the top 10) Of coarse, I am basing my opinions on the attractive quality each woman portrays and character interaction.

My Top 20 Badass Villianesses

1. Bellatrix Lestrange-Helena Bonham Carter (HBC)- Harry Potter 5, 6, 7
2. White Witch, Queen of Narnia-Tilda Swinton- Narnia Chronicals
3. Marissa Coulter-Nicole Kidman-The Golden Compass
4. Lady Van Tassel-Miranda Richardson-Sleepy Hollow
5. Rachel-Elizabeth Banks-The Uninvited
6. Professor Dolores Jane Umbridge-Imelda Staunton-Harry Potter 6,7
7. The Head Witch- Anjelica Huston - The Witches
8. Mombi-Darlene Conley-Return to Oz
9. Winnifred Sanderson-Bette Midler-Hocus Pocus
10. Cruella De vil-Glenn Close-101 Dalmations
11. Queen Mab-Miranda Richardson-Merlin
12. Red Queen-HBC-Alice In Wonderland
13. Rodmilla De Ghent-Anjelica Huston-Ever After
14. Rita Skeeter-Miranda Richardson-Harry Potter 4, 7
15. Mrs. Potter- HBC-Toast
16. Step Mother-Miranda Richardson-Snow White
17. Ms. Minchin-Eleanor Bron-A Little Princess
18. Mrs. Medlock-Maggie Smith-The Secret Garden
19. Xayide-Clarissa Burt-Never Ending Story II
20. Enid-HBC-Enid

There seems to be a trend of particular actresses playing villians in movies.
Anjelica Huston comes up twice.
Miranda Richardson ties with Helena Bonham Carter, both showing up 4 times.

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