Monday, February 21, 2011

Enid Blyton

I found this montage today of the movie character 'Enid' and felt completely enthralled by the fact that this fanvid, portrays the sad relationship between Enid and her youngest daughter. For some reason, I love painful love/hate relationships between mother and daughter, (or between an older woman and younger girl.) This obviously highlights my obsession with Bellatrix, after the way she treated the teenage Hermoine in HP and the Deathly Hallows, part 1. I loved the torture scene! It's no wonder I create such relationships in my own life. Fortuantly, not with my own mother though.

It's still gut-wrenching to see how horrible Enid was to her daughter, especially considering the movie is based off a true person and her life story. HBC does a fantastic job of becoming this character and her acting was completely exquisite, as usual! I am impressed as always. She is able to literally take herself and put it into another person.

HBC actually pays her mother, who is a psychotherapist, to read through her movie scripts to study and analyze the character's mindsets, that Helena plays, thus giving HBC true insight to the character's true self. I'm sure it helps to know what your character is like, inside and out.

Credit goes to BBC for the movie, Enid.
Montage credit goes to Hennessyjordendr & alita031

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