Saturday, March 5, 2011

HBC Day!

I have declared March 3rd, Helena Bonham Carter day! Seriously, there needs to be a holiday for that woman. So March third from here on out, I am celebrating, (and the rest of the world should follow suit), by dressing up as Helena and doing anything that honors or is related to her.

As such, I celebrated Thursday, March 3rd, with my girls. We all dressed up and worked out with our stylish hair and make up. Our outfits were pretty spiffy as well! Mine was the most bizarre and the most like HBC in comparison, but that is, afterall, because I want to be just like her! Here's what I looked like. I didn't get many pictures unfortuantly. :(

I only managed to get a picture of one of my best friend's and I, at the gym, before we had to switch out of our HBC clothes and into leos. Here we are!
I think the dress I'm wearing, looks considerably like something HBC has worn in public before!
I was told by like 3 people that I should write to her. I am very much considering it. I would love to tell her she is my idol and I look up to her. She has impressed me immensly and challenged me to step out of my comfort zone!

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