Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gay Pride 2012

Life had become rather stagnant up to that point. Boring, empty, sticky and just plain monotonous. I was sick of this little town's people, my work life, working out and the rather obnoxious & bipolar weather.
Thank god I took advantage of Seattle's Gay Pride festivities this weekend. It has re-awoken me from an empty slumber I was enduring, at least for the moment.
Just being away from this town and in the majestic energy of downtown Seattle was incredibly wonderful. The first day was spent with Virgina Slimm, Kelly and Janice. Virgina and Kelly are shown on the right >>>>>> 
 I saunteered around with the drag-queens and gay guys. Many of whom lived in my small town with me. I honestly don't understand why I only have gay guy friends... Virgina Slim was absolutely gorgeous as a drag. I would've totally fucked her if she didn't actually have a dick, plus she needs to lose the 'tude. She's a total ass bitch. As a guy and even more so as a drag queen. At any rate, she was putting on quite the show and causing a ruckus as we walked through downtown Seattle. There were random people snapping photos of him as he strutted around looking poised as Gaga.
I have never seen so many gay people in my life and had never felt so completely at home. It was unreal and spectacular. I loved every moment of it! We finished off the day at a Mexican Restaurant. I must admit, the Mexican food is much better where I come from. Then we headed over to one of the gay's apt complex where we proceeded to get ready to go out. Then headed over to another gay's casa, he has a really nice house and apparently makes a good deal of money.  
We proceeded to have a few drinks and then prepared to head out to Neighbors-One of Seattle's Gay Bars.
Unfortuantly, by the time everyone was ready to go out, (Gay guys are worse than straight girls at getting ready in a decent amount of time...) Neighbors was so packed that we couldn't get in.

We called it a night and headed back for a few hours of shut eye.

I awoke early and proceeded to head out for a coffee, intent on meeting up with my group.

As irony would have it, my cell died and as I was driving through downtown Seattle, in search of parking, I manage to catch a glimpse of a different group of gays, 2 whom were from my small little town... 
I ended up meeting up with them because by that time my cell had died and finding my first group of gays was likely going to be an impossibility.

I ran through town with my new group of gay guys, proceeding to watch the Gay Pride Parade trample through. It was amazing! I finally felt I belonged, it was like entering a whole new universe where men love men and women love women. I was in homo-heaven!

The amount of positive, loving energy I felt coursing through my veins and amoung everyone in town was incredible. I had never felt so much loving energy around me. It seemed to pulse among each individual. Smiles and kisses were exchanged. Cheering and jubilant yelling surrounded us all. Dancing and singing gays went by us in the parade. It was mesmerizing.

At the end of it all, we went to the place where gays came together, at the fountain. It seemed a magical place. And who would've thought a little peice of heaven could come down to Seattle in the form of what Christians fear. It's time for a worldly change. I believe the LGBT community will make the world a better place and has for me.

Happy Pride 2012!  

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